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I've put together this series of Inner Guidance Tips to help you to be true to yourself and to assist you in leading a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled live. Go through this exercise at a time when you can complete the process in one sitting, in an uninterrupted and peaceful environment. Remember, any distractions will pull you away from fully participating in this process. It's my intention that you find these Inner guidance tips helpful. If you find these tips useful, you'll want to stay in touch... Signup for my free monthly newsletter here - Dr. Pam Garcy, Ph.D.

Before you start to turn to your inner guide:

  1. Make sure you are in a calm to good mood. Your mood will influence this skill.
  2. Find a safe and quiet place where you will be uninterrupted.
  3. Find a notebook and a pen or pencil for recording key ideas. You might want to return to these later.
  4. Imagine how good you will feel when you turn inward and receive answers.
  5. Recognize that the farther that you've strayed from yourself, the longer this may take to learn.
  6. Recognize that critical voices from the past are stored in your mind, and that you have the power to distinguish between what is healthy and unhealthy if you allow time for this.
  7. Recognize that negativity from the day may need to be released as you turn inward.

As you turn to your inner guide:

  1. Start by taking several slow, calming breaths. Soothe yourself and recognize that you are in a safe and calm atmosphere.
  2. Become aware of your body and allow yourself to become relaxed and comfortable.
  3. Allow your mind to wander and pay attention to the images that your mind provides you. Sometimes you will learn about your desires simply from the images that your mind offers.
  4. Ask an open-ended question to yourself and record your initial thoughts. For example, you might ask, "Who should I turn to for help?" or "What can I do to solve my ___ problem?" or "How can I ___?"
  5. If you notice no answer, perhaps your question is too large. As you break your question into smaller questions, you might begin to experience more insights.
  6. Sometimes your answers will come in the form of images, not words. These are also worthy of your attention.
  7. If you don't have any answers, this is fine too. You can return at another time. Perhaps your mind is still working on this answer.
  8. Affirm that you are taking time to listen to your healthiest inner voice and that you are beginning to get closer to the answers to your personal questions and problems.

After you turn to your inner guide:

  1. Re-read what you have written. Allow yourself to return to it at a later time
  2. Apply the principles of rationality to the thoughts to determine if they're healthy and rational (these are discussed in the book)
  3. Learn how to further turn up the volume of your loving inner voice (discussed in the book)
  4. Follow through on the good ideas that you've developed as soon as possible so that you will strengthen your inner guide and develop confidence in your ability to find your own way.
  5. Practice daily so that this will be natural for you and so that you will remain in touch with your life course. However, you are excused from practicing if you are in a very dark mood, as your practice will be tainted with impulsive and negative thinking. On those days, seek support.
  6. Plan to attend workshops related to solving your emotional problems, learning rational thinking, relaxation training, assertiveness, relationships, success training, and goal-setting. Use these workshops to propel you toward your desired destinations and to enhance the health of your internal mental environment. It is only when you create mental health in an ongoing, persistent, and pervasive matter that your mind can overcome the negativity that has once overpowered it.
  7. Continually read literature of a healthy nature and surround yourself with uplifting, encouraging people. Strive daily to create that which you wish you could create.