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Press Release

Dr. Pam Garcy Reveals Seven Steps to Accessing Inner Wisdom While Making Great Decisions

In her book The Power of Inner Guidance: Seven Steps to Tune in and Turn On, Dr. Garcy discusses the steps for tapping into inner wisdom. "What's unique about this book," says Garcy, "is that it combines traditional inner guidance wisdom with the techniques of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy to help people to get more profound results." The book helps people to tap into what they really want to do with their lives, to start listening to the healthy inner voice, and to ask the questions that will lead them to making smarter decisions along the way.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) October 19, 2007 -- The Power of Inner Guidance is a fresh approach to using one's inner guidance, because it adds Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) to the process of turning inward. Dr. Pam Garcy wrote this book in response to her observation that many of her patients were leading unfulfilling lives, contributing to their problems with depression, anxiety, and even rage. Dr. Garcy realized that if she could help patients to tune into their healthy inner voice and also ask themselves scientific questions, she could help them to overcome many of their struggles. Combining two approaches allows readers of this book to address life's turning points in a more meaningful and logical way.

"The book is great for helping people to overcome burnout, for helping them make better life decisions, and for increasing their belief in themselves." Garcy also uses aspects of the book to help people to harness their creative side and ignite their passion, making the book great for artists of all kinds. Included in the book is a table for helping readers to overcome their bad moods, as well as other useful tips for getting past their self-criticism. Garcy adds ongoing support for her readers, and they are provided with links to Garcy's audio on finding a great therapist and making the most of therapy, as well as a relaxation audio created by Garcy. Readers can sign up for Garcy's complimentary online newsletter, called Insourcing, which supports their discoveries and growth.

Garcy's book is endorsed by self-help gurus Jack Canfield, Stephen Chandler, and Susan Jeffers. The book received the Publisher's Choice and Editor's Choice designations from iUniverse, the publisher of the book.

For additional information on The Power of Inner Guidance and how it can help people, contact Dr. Pam Garcy or visit The Power of Inner Guidance is available on and


Pam Garcy, Ph.D., psychologist-author